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Monday, 21 October 2013

Baked blackberry and lemon cheesecake

Having spied this baked blackberry cheesecake on Caroline Taylor's blog earlier in the week, I checked with M and D that there were still a surplus of blackberries at home and spent much of the week dreaming about this pudding which I hadn't tasted for so many years.

Saturday evening, I set to work. Smashing digestives, which is hugely therapeutic, melting butter and mixing them together to form the irresistibly, buttery biscuit base. The cream cheese and sugar blossomed into a pillowy white cloud.

The slow addition of eggs made it richer, thicker, and a sunnier colour.

The bowl of lemons caught my eye (the luxuries of being at home), so I added the zest, which gave it a fresh, tangy taste, cutting through the sugary, luxurious richness and the sweet fruitiness of the blackberries.

Follow Caroline's recipe. Improvise as you wish. The most suitable ending to a self-indulgent weekend.

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