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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bake Off Watching Nourishment

I seem to be unable to watch the Great British Bake Off without having just put a cake in the oven, knowing it will be out in time for the revelation of who has won and lost. Maybe it's just because I'm greedy and can't look at that much cake without my tummy sounding like a jacuzzi, causing me to search desperately around the kitchen for any form of sweetness. But maybe it's an inferiority complex: watching the skills and knowledge of these bakers, I need to prove myself to, well, myself, and so make a cake with the perfect crumb and flavour, which I can hope would please Mary Berry.

This week, as we nestled down to watch the final, we had a banana and ginger cake, from Leith's Baking Bible. It felt dark and wholesome and simultaneously rather fluffy and cloud-like.

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