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Friday, 26 August 2016

B'klyn Burro

Compared to London, New York is a Mexican food haven. If you look hard enough you can find spectacular bursting burritos, freshly made tacos, perfectly smashed guacamole, bracing margaritas, and sweet agua frescas. In London, no matter how hard you search, the Mexican food scene just isn't going to revolutionise your life, although it may satisfy your cravings for black beans and avocado every once in a while. However, in this here huge place called the United States, New York Mexican food is deemed to be infinitely inferior to that which you can find on the other, sunnier coast. 

However, it seems that a small slice of that Californian-take on Mexican food has found its way to Brooklyn. B'klyn Burro has spent a few years floating around serving up over-flowing burritos in bars and out of other restaurant kitchens, and now finally has its own sunny, colorful, tiny little space in Clinton Hill. In the heat of Brooklyn summer, having a small slice of San Fran's Mission district 15 minutes from my front door is hugely appreciated. As long as you're willing to wait (making tacos to order takes time you guys), you'll eventually be served burritos and tacos better than anything I've ever tried in London or in NYC. I imagine this makes them close to the quality you'd get over on the other side of this vast country.

We snacked on tortilla chips while we waited for them to wrap up B's carnitas burrito and to hand press the corn tortillas for my tacos. The burrito was as huge as a hungry runner wants a burrito to be. Its warm filling was perfectly tucked into the wrap, and the slow-cooked pork, rice, beans, and salsa muddled together to create one comforting mouthful after another. The tacos, stuffed with avocado, deep-fried poblano peppers, cilantro, and salsa were so super fresh, grease-free, and light: a wonderful blend of crisp and soft, spicy and soothing. If this is what my diet would consist of  on the West coast (as I had suspected may well be the case), we need to move ourselves over there ASAP.

B'klyn Burro, 922 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

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