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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Oddfellows Ice Cream Co.

As those of you who follow along with my life on Instagram you'll be well aware of my love of ice cream. And since arriving in New York 51 weeks ago, I have undoubtedly eaten more ice cream than in the rest of my life put together. This city has made ice cream a key life source for me, and, with this endless hot summer, ice cream adventures are a favorite weekend activity. We do our best to venture past our hyper local and totally superlative Van Leeuwen, and the slightly less local but totally wonderfully fun and bonkers Ample Hills. So, in the midst of the heat bubble, we dipped into Oddfellows, to get a taste of another of New York's top ice creams.

This Oddfellows store consists of red stripes, bar stools, and the perfect balance of old school kitsch and Brooklyn hipster. With flavors ranging from pink lemonade sorbet, to miso cherry, to coffee crunch, these ice creams are exciting enough to intrigue you, but not so fancy and mixed up that you're fairly terrified about trying them.

We took a seat in the satisfyingly air conditioned, stripy room, and our overflowing cup of blueberry buttermilk and strawberry olive oil rapidly disappeared We managed to restrain ourselves from ordering more and forced our satisfied tummies back out into the sweltering heat. Next stop: Oddfellows' Manhattan outlet, which serves exclusively ice cream sandwiches. You've been warned.

Oddfellows Ice Cream Co, 175 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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