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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Justin Gellatly's Ginger Nuts

I'd had a fortnight of baking upsets. Sponges were too dry, coconut macaroons didn't hold their shape, dough was too wet, biscuits were too crumbly... I was stuck in a rut and the desire to get in the kitchen and turn the oven on was nowhere near as strong as it normally is. I needed to return to a recipe that I could trust wholeheartedly. Pulling out Bread, Cake, Doughnut, Pudding from the bookshelf felt like the right thing to do.

Finally I had a dough that came together perfectly, filled with ginger and spices and easily rolled into perfect little balls. A little bit of pressure on them before they were popped in to a hot oven and out came biscuits that B thought I had bought and surreptitiously emptied into the tin to hide my mistakes. They were a baking victory. At last.

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