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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Apple Cake with Maple Cream

Apples currently feature in most of our meals in this little apartment. Every time I'm vaguely near a Farmers' Market, I'll run to the nearest apple stand and come back laden down with bags filled with apples of all sorts of varieties, shapes and sizes. Breakfast has been improved with the addition of spiced apple sauce, salads have slices of crunchy apple hidden in amongst the leaves, and supper always ends with some form of apple pudding. We've eaten a lot of crumble, a few slices of pie, an olive oil cake decorated with slices of apple on top... The list goes on, but top of the continually growing list is Ashley Rodriguez's chopped apple cake with maple cream. I found it in her beautiful book Date Night In (which I have raved about here before); a constantly reliable, inspiring, and comfort-inducing selection of recipes, all of which are accompanied by her wonderfully romantic words. 

The apples are chopped and scattered throughout the cake, in a distribution I think even  Paul Hollywood would be pleased with. Cinnamon and nutmeg give it a warming spice, and with a dollop of maple-syrup doused cream on the side, a slice of this is like a giant, loving hug at the end of a meal. Exactly what every autumnal pudding should be.

You can find the recipe here. But please go and buy the book. It'll make you happy. Promise.

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