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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Blue Bottle Coffee

During our endless days of traipsing around Brooklyn hunting for an apartment in August, we had a few criteria that had to be met: a decent kitchen, natural light, quiet, and safe. We also had several unspoken criteria which we didn't dare say aloud for fear of sounding too idealistic: friendly neighbourhood, lovely food shops nearby, endless café choices minutes from the front door, outdoor space, proximity to a park to run in every morning... When we looked round an apartment in a brownstone on a leafy street in Boerum Hill, which ticked even the unspoken criteria, we lost the ability to imagine ourselves ever living anywhere else.

We stepped outside our future home, smiling like cheshire cats, despite the jet lag and stifling humid weather. Those smiles almost split our faces in two when we looked left and saw that Blue Bottle was approximately 20 paces away (yes, I have counted). Our new local café was one of the best coffee roasters in America. 

Blue Bottle is famous for a reason. They take their coffee super seriously, but they won't intimidate you and scare you away if you don't know the finer details of the anatomy of the coffee bean. And they also make superbly chewy and spicy ginger molasses cookies which are almost as addictive as their coffee.

We moved into our new home a few weeks later, and visited Blue Bottle everyday for our morning caffeine fix. We've slowly transitioned from sipping on refreshing iced Single Origins in the heat of Summer to a warming, rich drip coffee on these fresh Fall days. Blue Bottle is honestly the best neighbour we could have asked for. We can definitely deem our apartment hunt a success.

Blue Bottle Coffee, 85 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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