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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Celebrating Saturday with Violet Cakes

After a few hours of intense yoga on a sunny Saturday morning, we were in need of an afternoon treat, to accompany a pot of tea and a whole load of exciting sporting events.

There's not many places in London I would go out and buy cake from. I tend to bake one of the many bookmarked recipes in my own kitchen rather than go out to purchase someone else's creation. However, Violet Cakes is an exception. Every time I pass by Claire Ptak's café on Wilton Way or her stall on Broadway Market, I gaze longingly at the sticky loaf cakes, the perfectly miniature cupcakes, the fluffy whoopie pies, and the chewy biscuits. Every so often I give into my tummy's rumbling noises and buy a cake or two: the secret ingredient to the best weekend.

Yesterday we gobbled up a peanut butter whoopie pie and a slice of banana buttermilk bread. The whoopie pie was spongey and light (not how it looks, I know, but I need you to believe me here), with the most prettily-peanut-y filling. In contrast, the banana bread was dark and nutty - a calming accompaniment to a huge mug of tea. I couldn't help thinking it would also make a rather wonderful breakfast...

Violet Cakes, 47 Wilton Way, E8 3ED

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