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Thursday, 2 October 2014

River Café: Lemon Tart

Lemon tart has always been a favourite of mine. It of course falls behind apple tart and apple crumble, but, it's up there at the top, in the elite group.

After a super special visit to the River Café in June (a meal I still dream about), when I sneaked a little mouthful of T's lemon tart, and then another little mouthful, it lodged itself in my memory as a perfect pudding. 

At the end of a super sleepy weekend where I only got out to bed to exercise and then crawled back in, late on Sunday afternoon it was time for me to do something. After flicking through the pile of cookbooks (which have now moved to a shelf, those of you who are avid readers will be pleased to hear), it was decided that it was a lemon tart. I saw the title and remembered the meal and then realised I just needed to buy a million eggs and a million lemons to get going. This recipe isn't one for the thrifty or health conscious. 

The pastry is made and then grated and pressed into the tin, blind baked before being filled with the zingiest (definitely a word) and must luscious of custards, blasted at a high heat to set the top and make the beautiful markings. I'm happy to say we've still got some left, every evening becomes super special when it ends with this.

Here's the recipe. But go and buy the book for goodness sake.

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