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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Joy the Baker: S'mores Brownies

This is what happens when I start wandering through Joy the Baker's archives. S'mores brownies. An inevitable, heavenly crime on a weekday evening because I have no control over my baking desires. 

Cakey, chocolate brownies with crunches of chocolate hobnobs (my English replacement for the graham crackers), and gooey, toasted marshmallow nestled on top. There's nothing not to love here. My addiction to all things S'mores has just increased (something I didn't think was possible). 

It's raining outside and it's a Saturday so I can only recommend you flick through Joy's recipes and wind up baking something as wonderfully bonkers as these brownies.


  1. These look perfect. I always love Joy the Baker's recipes but I have had a couple of misses with them when baking using the cup measurements. I'd love to know if you converted these to metric/ imperial or kept them in cups?

    1. I kept them in cups but I am a BIG fan of doing everything in cups - I find it so much simpler! Do you have proper cup measures? There's lots of great convertors out there though to switch to metric if you find that better, just takes a little more time and patience! X

  2. YUM! Hobnobs in a cake sounds amazing!
    Then again, hobnobs in anything sound amazing, I may have to take a trip to Tesco for a pack tomorrow...xx

    Laura | elelibee

    1. THRILLED you're in the hobnobs fix all problems fan group with me! xx


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