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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Ugly Biscuits... Brutti ma buoni; ugly but good

This recipe is for all of you out there who think a cup of coffee just isn't the same without something sweet on the side. Nothing major; it doesn't has to be an exploding almond croissant, a chocolate-rich molten affair, but just a little sweetness, to take the edge off the beautifully strong coffee beans.

Lucy Boyd's 'Kitchen Memories' is one of my favourite books of recent times. And these little almond biscuits perfectly explain why. Not too complicated, nothing too radical, too daunting, too adventurous, but simply a beautiful combination of fragrant ingredients, pieced together like a mosaic, becoming wonderfully satisfying in its entirety.

4 ingredients. 4 egg whites whisked with a pinch of sugar until stiff. 300g skinned whole almonds pulsed until like rough breadcrumbs. Mixed together with 250g caster sugar and a splash of vanilla. The egg whites folded in. All blobbed on to a baking sheet and in the oven at 170°C for 30 minutes. Just enough time to get the kettle on and make that coffee to be drunk alongside.

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