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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lemon Pudding Cake with Berries

We've just finished a long Sunday lunch. Too many of us to fit round the table so we sat on the floor, basking in the sunlight, food scattered over the table. Pumpkin ravioli was the order for the day. Sage butter, toasted pecans, carefully grated parmesan scattered on top. Torn salad leaves and slices of avocado bringing brightness and crunch. 

B did all the pasta work as usual. The rest of us provided a helping hand here and there. I was left to pudding.

Celebrating the sunshine, the blue skies, the beautiful blossoms on the tree, it was love at first sight with Bill Granger's Lemon pudding cake with berries. Yellow and pink, spongey and light. Egg whites whipped up into stiff peaks, folded into the zesty mix, the frozen raspberries already thawing underneath, put in a bain marie (which meant lots of boiling water on my foot. Ouch), and in the oven for 50 minutes. Out comes a puffed and golden delight. The perfect weather for this perfect spring day. A good dose of sunshine and this sweet pudding makes for a happy Sunday.

Recipe from Bill Granger's Easy. Can be found online here.


  1. That ravioli looks lovely. Love making my own pasta :) x

    1. Another pasta lover! Glad we're not the only ones out there! x

  2. We have a similar Russian dish - it's pasta (well, it's called vareniki) and looks a bit like ravioli. Then it's stuffed with either quark or berries (mainly cherries or strawberries depending on what's in season). We don't make it into a cake, so I am curious about this part of the process. :) Thanks for the idea! x


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