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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Pear and Oat Chocolate Crumble

Nigel's pear and oat chocolate crumble has become a firm favourite since its first appearance in the Guardian in October. 

I know it's no longer really the right season for pears, but we had returned to B's family home for the weekend and I knew that I could be worry free about the amount of positive noises that would be made around the table when this was being devoured on a Saturday evening. 

Nigel says that this recipe works 'because of the classic partnership of pears and chocolate and the crisp crust with the luscious pears.' I'm not going to try and elaborate on Nigel's words. It would be pointless. He's right, as always. If you're looking for a crowd pleaser, here's your answer.


  1. Nigel Slater also does a great apple and chocolate crumble type dessert he calls 'chocolate apple betty' - what a great name. This looks lovely and I'm sure you'd like the betty too.

    1. Oooh, I'll have to check that out. Sounds wonderful - thank you! X


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