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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Baked Carrot Cake Oatmeal

So many bloggers seem to be talking about fancy breakfasts at the moment. And not breakfasts they've gone out for for lack of being bothered to be creative at home that early in the morning. No, proper, sleepy breakfasts made in their own home, in their pyjamas, made early enough so it is ready and waiting for when they're loved one awakes from their peaceful slumber. Well, this isn't something I've done often. Hardly ever. I normally wake up starving, or am off to yoga or on a run first thing to get that out the way. After that I'm far too hungry to start cooking when I get back... The ingredients would have all disappeared before they'd even had a chance to combine themselves into something decadent. 

In a determined state of mind to overcome my morning hunger problems, I set to work creating Sunday morning's breakfast on Saturday afternoon. I had set my heart on Green Kitchen Stories baked carrot cake oatmeal. And so had B. Other B was round that afternoon, and they both sat watching the football, discussing how strange I was to be making breakfast at 3.30pm on a Saturday. But I knew it was the only way. So with carrots grated, chia mixture whisked, oats tossed, seeds coated with coconut and honey, three separate bowls went into the fridge. Sunday morning arrived, I chucked everything in a baking tray, made a pot of tea and went back to bed. Twenty five minutes of tea (and the odd biscuit) later, and it was ready. The wait wasn't so bad after all, and the wafts of spices coming from the kitchen as it baked were wonderful. It felt like a proper Sunday morning. A Sunday morning I will have to repeat.

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