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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Tahini Cookies

Home to the country for a weekend of food, sleep, wood burning fires, fallen leaves, and long conversations. In need of something sweet to take to C's house for a late Saturday afternoon tea date, Ottolenghi's crumbling, nutty, almost creamy cookies were baked. B said 'they're the best biscuits you've ever made', and lovely C and A happily dipped them in perfectly warming tea. Our hands clasped the beautiful mugs, as we sat by a powerful fire in the most perfect office, with an utterly gorgeous scribbly puppy vying for our attentions, and as keen on the cookies as we were.

It felt as if we were in a film set as we spent the most wonderful couple of hours, talking, catching up, sharing plans and thoughts, before saying long goodbyes as C disappears off for a sunny Christmas holiday. Tahini cookies seemed appropriately decadent for such an occasion.

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