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Monday, 18 November 2013

Spiced apple custard tarts

Fighting the Sunday night blues, we hosted a Sunday night dinner party. Homemade pasta in ridiculous quantities took hours of rolling and delicate shaping. B and other B's determination to make the longest tagliatelle in the world prolonged this exercise even longer.

While they covered one half of the flat in flour, I had decided to bake Lily Vanilli's irresistible little spiced apple custard tarts in the other. I'd made the pastry the day before and assumed that was the hard work done. Mais hélas, I should have read more of the recipe. I needed to make custard, crumble, caramelised apples and leave it all to set and cool. Deep breaths (again - yes, they do seem to be becoming a daily occurrence). The custard could have done with a teeny bit longer in the fridge, but it and I and my lovely university-friend guests coped. The pasta building took longer than planned (B's pupils very willing but in no rush), giving me a much needed extra hour.

The circular (and rather rustic) end results were the perfect end to a perfect Sunday with some perfect friends.

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