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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Julia's Raspberry Jam Breakfast Buns

Ever since B first made Julia Turshen's genius lasagna (which he discovered on Lottie + Doof), we knew we needed more of this woman's magic in our lives. Thankfully, since the end of January, Julia's cookbook, Small Victories, has been spending a lot of time in our kitchen.

My usual Saturday morning routine starts like this: wake up, drink tea, eat food, flick through cookbooks to decide what I need to bake and feast on this weekend. A couple of weeks ago, this process was cut short as I only had to get a few pages into Small Victories before I knew that raspberry jam buns with crème fraîche frosting were exactly what my Sunday morning would need.

This recipe isn't for the time short, but it is for everybody else. And if you're time short, try prioritizing raspberry buns over, say, sleep, and your day will be happier. Just a suggestion. Julia's beautiful and funny (so many bun puns) writing guides you through the process with ease and clarity: making yeasted, filled, swirling buns may seem complicated, but it's made oh so simple with her instructions and images.

Within 30 minutes of waking up on Sunday morning, sweet, almost caramelized, cushiony, freshly-baked buns were ours to devour. Runny crème fraîche frosting was thrown Jackson Pollock-style (Julia encourages you to embrace the mess here) on top, and then they were immediately torn into. One after another after another were eaten until we were so full that all we could do was lie down and drink coffee for the rest of the morning. A Sunday morning dream.

I can't encourage you enough to buy the book, but if you need buns faster than Amazon can deliver, you can find the recipe here.

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