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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Domenic's Pizzeria

Whether skiing burns the amount of calories I eat while in the mountains or not is irrelevant. When I spend the day out in -20°C, whizzing around the mountains for hours and hours, my daily diet is allowed to consist of bagels, hot chocolate, coffee, pasta, waffles, and pizza. 

These Vermont folk are hardier than us New Yorkers. Even in this Arctic weather they're out on the slopes, and are not complaining. Rather than spend their evenings hiding away in their homes by the fire, they're out at their favorite local restaurants. On a freezing cold Sunday evening, we stepped into Domenic's Pizzeria on Killington Road, and were told there was a twenty minute wait for a table. The best pizza in town is in high demand. 

We found two seats at the bar and thereby managed to skip the line. With a (large) glass of Mountain Merlot in hand, a maths test to decide whether two 12" pizza would be bigger than one 18" pizza done (the answer is one 18" by the way - it blew my mind too), the post-ski feasting began. 

A large Caesar salad came first - even skiers need to eat their greens - and the real skiing-fuel followed: an 18" pizza topped with ricotta (obviously), jalapeƱos, and pepperoni (B's choice). It was crisp, spicy, ginormous, messy, and honestly delicious. Two slices remained, and we were defeated. But don't worry: if you don't finish, there's no chance you're leaving it behind. Boxed up and handed to you, you'll be eating more pizza the next day, or maybe when you get home - we won't judge, moving around in this cold is hunger-inducing. 

If you do somehow have space for the S'mores Calzone after that pizza feast, I'm impressed. It looks amazing. Excessive, but amazing. But good luck trying to move from your seat after you've eaten that.

Domenic's Pizzeria, 2822 Killington Rd, Killington, VT 05751

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