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Friday, 2 December 2016

Marzipan & Sea Salt Mandel Bread

With advent calendars being opened every morning, a scarf wrapped round my neck every single day, and the evenings getting more and more depressingly dark, it's high time to embrace the holiday festivities. Whether this means Champagne and party dresses, mulled wine and mince pies, or bobble hats and blankets is up to you... But to me, it means an imminent trip home, hiding inside with a glass of wine every evening, and an endless supply of biscuits. Or cookies. Depending on what side of the ocean you're on. And Molly Yeh's mandel bread is just the ticket.

This biscotti-style treat is filled with chunks of marzipan and dark chocolate, sprinkled with sea salt, and cooked until crisp, with the slightest hint of softness in the center. Obviously brightly colored sprinkles are optional, unless you're me. And as an extra incentive to get in the kitchen, these sweet treats would make the best gift, whether it's for your host, your sister, or a little thank you to yourself. Let's get baking!

You can find the recipe here. And if you haven't got Molly Yeh's book yet, add it to your Christmas list now.

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