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Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Perfect New York Saturday Morning

A perfect New York Saturday morning goes something like this: I wake up slightly before the alarm, as the sun is creeping in through the blinds, promising a day of warmth, bare legs, and blue skies. B and I then set off on a quick run around the park - it's sweaty, and warm, and we're up before the crowds so have the streets to ourselves. We sprint home, de-sweat, change into summer outfits, and rush off to meet friends for breakfast.

A feast of coffee, avocado toast, and poached eggs is ordered. This is definitely the most reliably fantastic breakfast. I need to move to the West coast for improved access to avocados (and sunshine). Santa Barbara, here I come.

Once we've wiped our plates clean, we pose outside in the sunshine for a quick photo to remember this happy morning, before going our separate ways.

A stroll through Washington Square Park, and up 5th Avenue leads me to my next destination: Union Square Greenmarket. It has been too long since I've roamed the stalls with no meal plans, nowhere else to be, and no raindrops falling on my head. There are spring greens, ramps, garlic, herbs, fresh cheese, and multiple flower stalls selling hyacinths, tulips, potted plants, cacti, peonies, buttercups, and lilacs.

I struggle to decide between which petals to buy, and eventually settle for the wild-looking lilacs: They seem more suitable for my weekend of directionless meandering. I fill the rest of my bag with green leaves, radishes, and fresh camomile, and rush home to sit out on our sunny patio and drink a pot of camomile tea, soaking in the last of the rays before the clouds come in.

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