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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Ottolenghi: Set 'Cheesecake' with Plum Compôte

Friday night at home with my two favourite girls calls for a suitably celebratory pudding. I had to tell B to stop raving about how great this Ottolenghi pud was going to be for fear of the whole evening (which had been preceded by B's homemade hummus, followed by B's handmade pasta con (hand-gutted and scaled by B) la sarde), was going to end with a let down of a splodged together cheesecake.

Thankfully, this deceptively simple collection of ingredients did not disappoint. We ate ourselves silly, as we tried to squeeze in the very last mouthful of the sweet mascarpone whipped together with cream cheese, with plum compôte spooned over the top, hazelnut crumble sprinkled over that, and with orange oil splashed on as the final flourish. Sure, there are a lot of separate elements here, but it wouldn't be an Ottolenghi recipe without just a little complexity.

Asides from being wonderfully tasty, all the elements of this 'cheesecake' can be made a day or two in advance, and assembled seconds before it is placed on the table. It's a dinner party winner, which has already made it's way on to our list of pudding party staples.

You can find the recipe here - just swap the greengages for whatever fruit is in season.

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