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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Molly Yeh's Tahini Cupcakes with Chocolate Tahini Frosting

This blog is teaching me that I'm not one to take big leaps in life. Having promised you all last week that I would be moving away from my peanut butter obsession, I can now say that I have stuck to that promise, but I haven't moved very far away. I've taken a teeny-tiny step to the next jar along on my shelf: the tahini jar. Maybe next week we'll make it a couple of jars along to the honey. We can hope.

I also seem to be fixated on Molly Yeh's recipe archives. It's become my happy place, and I can't promise to be looking elsewhere for cake-spiration any time soon.

It had been a while since cupcakes had graced this kitchen, so it was about time they made a reappearance. Molly Yeh's tahini cupcakes with chocolate tahini frosting were simply irresistible. I like to think that these light little cakes, with a deep, nutty flavour and a super fancy nutella-esque icing are a grown-up form of cupcake, but that doesn't mean  I can't lick the bowl (and spoon) clean, and end up with chocolate icing all over my face.

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