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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Roxbury Snapshots

I started writing this post as soon as we got back from our (very) long weekend upstate almost a month ago. But then I stopped and cried: my camera had somehow deleted all the photos I'd taken during the last half of the trip. I've tried everything, but they're gone. So it's only now that I've kind of recovered from that, and I'm here to share the photos I do have.

This springtime trip was far from, well, spring-like. It was more like the depths of winter (read: many, many inches of snow). Once it started snowing, it didn't really stop. Blue sky days were followed by snowy nights. Dreams of hiking to beautiful viewpoints and picnicking overlooking the mountains were dashed. Instead, we discovered (and gave up on) snowshoes, spent an afternoon at Storm King, played scrabble, sat in the hot tub at our Airbnb for many hours, ate amazing meals at Brushland Eating House and Phoenicia Diner, fell asleep at 8pm, read all the books, and discussed who had the wettest feet (mum won). Even in the unexpected snow, the Catskills were as magical as ever. But next time, I think we'll push this trip back to May.

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