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Sunday, 13 August 2017

2 Years On In NYC

Two of us two years later.
And that was two. Two whole years in NYC. There are still a few (we're unsure as to how many) to go, but two felt like a lot. This city sure isn't easy. One minute you're in love, the next it's hell. It goes from uplifting, inspiring, and engaging to punishing, stress-inducing, and far too challenging in a matter of seconds.

We bought a plant. We'll be here for a while.
But, for now, it's home. It certainly doesn't always feel that way. I still spend probably too much time reminiscing on our London days, and we definitely won't be here forever, but it's a special place, with certain welcoming hints of magic jumping out to surprise me every now and again. 

An example of magic.
Looking at last year's list of bizarre UK-US differences, some of them don't seem so bizarre anymore. "How are you?" has become a normal greeting, I always tip, and I've got my egg order down. B always laughs at what he calls my "Americanisms," which I've unwittingly picked up along the way. So, in case you're wondering how American I've become, here's a few things that have changed (without me even realizing):

1. It's an apartment. Not a flat. Having said that, I'm still stuck on flatmates. Roommates hasn't entered my regular vocab yet.
2. Oregano is pronounced orAYgeno. But with a British accent.
3. Cilantro. Eggplant. Scallions. Zucchini. Fries. Soda. I work in food; what did you expect?
4. I have learned to sign for everything I buy. My signature is a random squiggle. Okay, a line. But, in my defense, writing on those iPad pay stations with a finger is hard.
5. Walks are hikes. Always.
6. Bagels are a necessary staple. I can't remember what I ate before them.

A typical breakfast.
7. Specialty not speciality. Why bother with an extra syllable when you don't have to.
8. I get the subway. Even when in London.
9. It's nice out. It's hot out. Not outside. Just out. 

It was nice out on this day.
10. No words have a u. All words have a z. 
11. Z is pronounced 'zee.'
12. I have a suitably annoying, particular coffee order.
13. Wearing sports kit to work is totally acceptable.
14. Ice cream is an important part of life.
15. Driving 5 hours for a weekend away is a normal thing to do.

Or 4 hours for a day of skiing...

But don't worry, I still don't know the words to the national anthem and I don't know how American football works. These things continue to puzzle me, let's see how I feel about them next year...:

1. Apparently I look tan. Not tanned. But tan. Is this a color rather than an adjective? I'm unclear.
2. Vacation. The lack of it. Not the word itself.
3. Erbs. What happened to the h? 
4. Pudding vs dessert. These words are not interchangeable. Pudding in the US describes some specific types of dessert, which, confusingly, aren't what would be described as a classic 'pudding' (I'm thinking steamed, seventies-style) in the UK.
5. I still can't write the date.
6. I don't call my trousers pants. I still don't know what to call the underwear definition of pants. 
7. Sneakers. If I think about saying this word I doubt myself and return to trainers. It sounds weird coming out of my mouth.
8. Fahrenheit. Still clueless.
9. How to hold a knife and fork. It seems Americans hold a fork like they might murder you any second. Also, cutlery is not a word. It's flatware. Nobody can explain why.
10. Cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese? What the what?
11. Parmigian. Taglatiell. They're not spelled like that but they're pronounced like that. I'm not sure if they get bored before the end of the world or what happens here.
12. If the recipe you're using calls for a red chili, you can give up hope of finding it. You will only be able to find a jalapeƱo. There is no other chili.
13. How the health service works (or doesn't work) is beyond me. I think my visit to the doctor was free. It may not have been. I may be in crippling debt because of a check-up. I don't know.
14. What is seltzer? Is it just sparkling water? Is it soda water? Is there even a difference?
15. Trump.

The Trump thing isn't just me.
This next year's going to bring a lot of running, a little bit of traveling, lots more coffee, hundreds of bagels, a few visitors, and a lot more unknowns and adventures that will be thrown our way, whether we want them or not.

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