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Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Doughnut Project

The Doughnut Project leapt into top place on all foodie New Yorker's hit list when it opened late last year. Serving up mind-blowing savory-sweet flavors such as beet and ricotta, olive oil and black pepper, and maple bacon, the line was infamously long, and they reportedly have been selling out every day since that first morning

We hadn't dared attempt to taste these masterpieces yet - we're not fans of long lines in New York winter. This miracle doughnut shop then launched the Everything Doughnut two weeks ago, and the whole New York food scene refused to discuss anything else for at least five days. Although I wasn't sure about eating a doughnut doused in garlic and onion seeds, when our greedy running club suggested a Sunday morning joy over Brooklyn Bridge to end at the Doughnut Project destination, we couldn't resist.

Early last Sunday morning 20 sweaty runners swamped the Doughnut Project, our hungry bodies desperate for lots of doughnuts and lots of coffee. It was only 9.30am, and so many flavors had already sold out, and were busy being freshly made and filled by the professionals.

So no beet and ricotta, or PB&J for me this time. Instead we settled on salted chocolate with buttered pretzel crumbs, and a maple bacon bar. The chocolate salted pretzel was chocolate heaven: I felt like a small child in a candy shop as I ended up with the sweet, sticky glaze all over my face and hands, grinning like a chipmunk as I reveled in eating fluffy doughnuts for breakfast. The maple bacon bar was so much better than I could ever have imagined: it was like the most perfect stack of pancakes piled high, doused in crispy bacon, and drizzled with plenty maple syrup, transformed into a doughnut. Amazing. 

I really wanted to steal this amazing doughnut award.
We'll be back soon. Earlier this time. Ready to dive straight into a breakfast of Everything Doughnuts and vivid Beet and Ricotta creations.

The Doughnut Project, 10 Morton Street, New York, NY 10014

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