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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Norma's Cherry Pie

B and I turned up rather late to the obsessively watching Twin Peaks party. We finally finished watching the series 25 years later, last weekend. Every time Coop had a slice of Norma's cherry pie at the Double R diner during the show, B would whine that he really, really, really wanted some cherry pie. 

In his Christmas stocking B unwrapped an oh-so-fancy jar of cherry pie filling. The reference did not need to be explained. A few days ago, this filling found some pie crust, Joy the Baker's buttermilk double crust to be precise, and after bubbling away in the oven for a little while, we devoured piece after piece after piece of this fabulous cherry pie. Coop, you were right, that cherry pie really was worth the stop.

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