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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Spice Cakes with Marzipan Cream Filling & Raspberries

Flicking through the Honey & Co Baking Book is like walking through a dream land filled with the prettiest sweet treats. Every recipe got marked with a little post-it, completely defeating the purpose of marking them. 

I started baking my way through the book based on what ingredients I had in my cupboard right that very second. Some of the most tempting recipes required more ingredients or baking tools than I had, so it was a happy, happy moment when on Christmas day I unwrapped a bundtlette (yes, that is a word) pan from B. It didn't take me long to set about baking these gorgeous little spice cakes that I had been gazing at fondly for a few weeks before.

They come together crazily easily and fell out the tin with no stress or stickiness. Piped full of marzipan cream these mountainous mini cakes just needed a couple of raspberries (yes, I know it's not the right season but they were a necessary decoration here, okay?) and a sprinkling of icing sugar snow, to make them Instagram-ready. Sitting down to eat my own beautiful bundtlette made me feel like a princess, being treated to the most magical cake in the world.

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